Smart sensors are an excellent option for everyone, from smart-home newbies to devout enthusiasts. These small, battery-powered devices offer simple solutions to common problems at the most basic level. Often forget to shut the garage door? Use a contact sensor to send a notification to your phone when it’s been open for more than a reasonable time. Have a toddler just learned how to climb out of her crib? Put a motion sensor in the room and get alerted whenever she’s going rogue.

April 30, 2023

Smart Thermostats: The Ultimate Guide

Smart thermostats are a type of thermostat and smart device that uses advanced technology to optimize temperature control and energy efficiency in your smart home
April 27, 2023

Secure, Efficient, and Convenient: The Role of Motion Sensors in Smart Homes

A comprehensive guide about motion sensors in smart homes and how motion sensors can improve your home's security.
September 11, 2022

11 Ways To Use Pressure Sensor In Smart Home

In recent years, pressure sensors have become digital, miniaturized, lower-cost, and lower-powered. These changes have increased sensor efficiency and performance, generating a new wave of innovation.
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